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April 5

I've been caught up in the hype. Now that O will be two soon (next month) I've been wondering if it's time to sign her up for a class or lesson or some sort of toddler thing. Every time I catch myself googling ballet classes or gymnastics or forest schools, I take a step back and wonder if they are really necessary. Surely we could just play music and dance around the living room, or climb jungle gyms or have daily nature walks ourselves, after all we already do these things!

Maybe the reason I am looking into these things is so she can interact with other children and have the beginnings of lifelong friendships. Or I don't want her to miss out on something fun. Or not realize a skill or talent or passion and loose time that she could be developing it.

One dance class I was considering was just at our local community center, and it's only for about a month, so I thought that sounds good. But parents and caretakers aren't allowed to be in the room during class. Now that seems a little tricky for two and three year olds. Little O is becoming quite the explorer, but she always makes sure I'm in sight or comes back to bring me along on her excursions, and I don't think she would like it if I brought her to a class and just left. Most little ones I feel would have that issue. Maybe that's just us. Of course, she could love it and thrive and begin to love this new independence. No one is to know for sure, because I'm mostly likely not going to sign her up.

There are plenty of parent-child groups and events in our area, that are free to boot! I just need to be more aggressive in my search for them. Because let's be honest, a big reason to why there are these sorts of things are for the parents and caregivers to have some adult interaction and perhaps even find a friend or tribe they connect with. Maybe the whole reason I'm searching something out is because I haven't found my tribe, and it's really hard not having a network.

So now my options are all laid out, and one day, soon, I'll make a decision, To take a class, or seek out more free offerings. Or neither and just make friends at the park, beach, or forest. I feel no matter what decision I come up with though, little O will be happy, because she doesn't need much to be pleased.

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2017 Intentions and Goals

2016, that long and interesting- if somewhat depressing- year is finally in the past. we are now well on our way into 2017, and with that I thought I would like to put pen to paper- or rather hands to keys- and write out my goals and intentions for the next twelve months. Perhaps by putting them down on the internet, for all to see and for easy access to review myself, I can accomplish most of not all of these aspirations. Let's get started.

General goals or intentions:

- Meditate
- Be more mindful and present in everyday life
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Letter to my Daughter

Dear little one,

I'm so blessed that you chose me to be your mother. You are such a sweet soul who is kind and loving toward everyone, even at your tender age.

Thank you for that.

Parenting is hard enough without the added challenge of trying to know and connect with your child. You connect so easily with everyone around you that it makes my job of raising you and teaching you that much easier.

I'm going to try my hardest to keep you as the sweet, innocent, little girl that you are now for as long as possible. You are only going to be a small child for so long , so why rush? Enjoy learning and growing into your own person. Take your time exploring the world around you and all of the wonders it has to offer.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to watch you grow and make your mark on this earth, I'm so excited to see it all unfold.

Your mom