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Freedom to be and grow

O will never have a first day of school, and I think that is just amazing. Don't think of it as she is missing out on something, because school is not something to look forward to or strive for. 
She won't be forced to sit still for hours at a time, memorize and "learn" what other people tell her too, and be penalized for doing things her own way. Instead she will have the freedom to completely emerse herself in whatever it is that interests her in that particular hour, day, or week. We won't only be able to travel during busy school vacations, but instead throughout the year, at the drop of a hat. We won't get in trouble with anyone if we spend days couped up in the house working on something, or run off for a camping getaway. 
By allowing little O to follow her passions and interests, it allows for me to do the same as well. I feel like people sometimes think that if they are miserable at their job then it's okay if their children are miserable at scho…

Zero Waste: Toddler Edition

As someone who strives to be minimal and produce as little waste as I can, these are a few of my essentials for myself as well as O when it comes to snacking away from home. Whether that's doing a grocery run, spending too much at Target, or having a beach picnic, these few things are usually in my bag at all times.

Jars: for bulk snacks and leftovers
Napkin: for messy faces and hands
Reusable snack bags: for more bulk snacks or a small toy or game
Beeswrap: mostly for cheese
Mason jar cup: for smoothies, water, or even a hot cocoa treat

Most of these cost me little to no money. We always have jars in the cupboard, I made the beeswrap out of some old fabric I had (with bees no less!) and beeswax, the silicone jar sleeve and straw cover were recent purchases for our cross country trip, the straw I picked up at our local swap shop for free since none of my other reusable straws were short enough, and the napkin and snack bag came as part of my Mighty Fix subscription.

Mighty Nest is…